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I Press to take the stress out of your day! 

      Call Lisa on 07977 504195 
   Mon - Thurs 9am to 3pm
Services & Prices 

Our prices are based on an hourly rate of £12.50 per hour (minimum charge of £20.00)
Step 1 
Gather all your ironing together and Place it into a basket or suitable bag and please don't forget to provide hangers for items that might need them as: shirts, trouser, blouses, dresses, etc. 
We can iron anything from duvets to dresses, from work shirts to curtains.
Step 2 
Call Less Stress Ironing on 07977 504195
We offer regular weekly, fortnightly, monthly collections, as well as one-off collections. You decide when you want us to pickup your ironing and from where. 
Our service operates between 9am to 3pm, 5 days a week.
Step 3 
We will arrive at your chosen location at the time you requested. We will arrange a delivery at a suitable time for you during our collection and delivery hours, usually within 24 hours from initial pickup unless agreed otherwise.
Step 4 
We will examine your ironing and ensure safety instructions are adhered to. Your ironing will be carried out in a clean, smoke-free environment, and will be hung or folded as requested.
Step 5 
We pride ourselves on our high standards, Our objective is to deliver ironing that is perfect. We check all ironing before returning it to our customer. We carefully package your ironing. We will then return your ironing to you at a pre-arranged time within 24 hours from initial pickup.
Step 6 
We arrive at your door with your freshly pressed ironing (imagine how lovely that will feel!). Payment in full is then due, at present we only accept cash.
                       You can then enjoy another iron-free period until you need to call Less Stress ironing again on 07977 504195.

    Phone: 07977 504195

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